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10 Years Guarantee, 9th Generation Processor Mini PC

Technopc continues to make a difference with a wide range of high-performance Nano Extreme 9 Mini PCs designed to meet your most demanding applications.

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Point where
design, performance, technology

Technopc AIO 22 Series all-in-one PCs deliver superior performance thanks to the high-frequency Intel processors used in desktop computers as well as the slim and aesthetic line.

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for Toughest

Can be used for office, e-mail, internet, field applications and many other applications.

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More Stronger.
More Capable
More Professional.

Technopc raises the bar to a whole new level of performance and portability.

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The most preferred leading technology company for 15 years!

Technopc, operating in the IT sector
Turkey´s leading technology center.

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Public Information Summit 2019

We are attending 4th Public Informatics Summit organized by Public Informatics Association. As Silver Sponsor, we support the implementation of new technologies and needs and offer our solutions.

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