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The most critical systems are trusted to Technopc !


Ersin İnankul: We have provided the advantage of reasonable price, quality and time with Technopc

IGA CIO and IGA IT General Manager Ersin İnankul, the most critical ones from the Istanbul Airport's 72 information systems first in Turkey's production of computers 'Local Produce' with the document stated that they collaborated with Technopc.

IOP CIO and IGA Informatics General Manager Ersin Inankul visited by Technopc authorities, which produced 4,000 hardware products in the desktop, mini, integrated, industrial and kiosk segments of Istanbul Airport, which made its name as en the largest airport in the world history. Stating that the great transition to Istanbul Airport will start on April 6, İnankul said Technopc also played a role in the success of such a project.

The most critical systems are trusted to Technopc
Stating that passenger comfort and happiness are the most important issues when starting the construction of the airport, İnankul explained that they are trying to host all the technologies that will provide them at the airport and said: tik We preferred to work with Technopc in the critical ones of 72 IT systems in the airport, such as passport passes.İnankul listed the most important factors in these decisions as follows: en We set our criteria and started a tender. Technopc met all these criteria. We also had the opportunity to work together at the airports we previously built in the TAV Group. Being a local company is a great advantage. Thus, we were exempt from customs waiting times.”

“We will take services to other airports”
At the same time İnankul stating that they were an IT company, applications developed in Turkey, they are ready to sell to the world, he said that continued in the work on this issue. Informing that there will be cooperation with Technopc in this regard, İnankul said, We want to take services to other airports in other parts of the world with the technologies we have developed. In the meantime, it is advantageous to have the company with us. Technopc is a company where we can produce the solutions we want in the design we want. It was a company that we followed in recent years due to being local and proved itself and we were inviting to our tenders. ”

“We provided an advantage with Technopc”
Stating that the Istanbul Airport project was completed in a record time of 42 months, quality and time are very important in this process, İnankul continued: This is my 13th airport. I had the opportunity to operate 22 of them. I have been to many airports in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Libya. This airport is twice the size of all. The most critical thing for us was to be able to do the job in an affordable, high quality and timely manner. We caught all three at Technopc. We have provided a price performance advantage and showed us the success of bringing quality goods to the site on time and provided us with timely action in all possible problems. We thank them in that sense.”

"Collaboration will continue on mobile"
Underlining that the needs are increasing with the increasing number of flights at Istanbul Airport everyday, İnankul said that with Technopc, cooperation will increase in terms of both segment and number. “Technopc also has R&D studies and products in mobile“ We can take the agreements we made on the table to mobile. We will also work in this field, he said.
Stating that they are very pleased with Technopc's cooperation with NETAŞ, İnankul said, “This cooperation provided great advantages in terms of the manufacturer coming with a large integrator, responding to us instantly, being solution-oriented, and intervening in the eventual failures here. He said.

“60 percent of our software is native !”
Stating that aviation is one of the booming economies of our country and the world, it grows by more than 10 percent in our country every year, İnankul said: So far we have developed and continue to develop many applications ourselves. I believe in domestic and national practices. I think our country has a great potential especially in the field of software. More than 60 percent of our software is native. I would like to advise all my colleagues to sign some improvements especially in the software field and market these products to the world. As IGA Bilişim, we will continue to provide added value to our country. Soon we will be able to serve with robots.”

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