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North Marmara Motorway Access Systems Trust to Technopc !


Technopc has a document of computer with the first domestic goods production in Turkey; showed experience, performance and product quality at the North Marmara Motorway. In the Rapid Transition System of the giant project, the BOX PC model was achieved with a single camera performance performance of more than 99 percent on multiple lane roads. Technopc, which produces technological solutions for many sectors from health to finance, education to defense sector, and finally takes place in all the computer technologies of the biggest airport in the world; showed the experience, performance and product quality at the North Marmara Motorway. Turkey's document in the production of computer with the first document Technopc's domestic goods, industrial BOX PC model, Istanbul will relieve the traffic on the 398-kilometer-long giant project in Jump Systems (HGS) was used.

The first phase of the product, which is used to read the license plates of the vehicles passing through the system and transfer the information to the payment system, on which many software works simultaneously, is over.

With 99 percent success product, the company's Managing Partner Murat Yücel stated that the installed product has a high performance that can work 24/7. Advanced software, hardware and camera technologies were used together in the project. A single camera achieves a performance success of over 99 percent on multiple lane roads. Thus, the most powerful solution in the market was created. We have signed a project in which software and hardware are run with the highest performance. "

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