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HIMSS 2019 Health IT Conference and Exhibition


HIMSS 2019 Health IT Conference and Exhibition

Technopc Information Technology Inc. We participated in HIMSS19 Conference and Health Informatics Fair which was held in Istanbul between 31 October and 1 November 2019. Activity; cooperation meetings, sponsored Digital Hospital Practices, 45 expert speakers from 60 countries, approximately 600 participants, 60 companies and senior officials from the Ministry of Health from 20 countries. In addition to the stand attendance, in this event we are the Digital Hospital Sponsor; T. C. Ministry of Health officials, Bogazici University, Dubai, Qatar, and the UK. etc. many senior executives from countries, institutions and companies visited. During these three days, we have also met with executives and officials with whom we share important information, prospects for health, potential health status of our country and the needs of overseas markets. We would like to thank our valued guests for their visit and we will continue to develop and offer our new product groups and applications in the constantly evolving health informatics and technologies field.


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