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Technopc products were used in the technology infrastructure of Istanbul Airport, which attaches great importance to the use of domestic products.
Istanbul Airport has made significant IT investments in order to provide end-to-end comfort to its passengers and to host technological innovations in every step of its travel processes. Istanbul Airport, which gives priority to competent domestic IT products and solutions as the largest airport in the world, implemented an example of this with Technopc solutions. General Manager of IGA IT Ersin İnankul emphasized that they have realized many innovations such as optimizing the traffic processes from the passenger´s home to the airport with different applications, leaving their luggage at check-in with mobile application, passing fingerprint and passport control by passport control by face recognition technology. told.

Technopc has attracted our attention with its products.
We took care to use domestic products in all stages of the airport. We use domestic cabling and cable carriers in all infrastructures. Within the scope of our agreement, we provided 3 types of PCs from TechnoPC within the airport. We purchased 820 of these in the Ali in One segment. We make them available to public institutions and IGA users. We delivered the Mini PC segment to the passport police. So all the passport transactions are entrusted to domestic production Technopc. In addition, we have purchased over 1200 workstations. We also make these available to our own users and public institutions and organizations. Technopc has attracted our attention with new products developed in recent years. In line with the results obtained, we incorporated their solutions in some critical segments. In fact, we have positioned nearly 2200 products at our airport and we work with them very efficiently.

Works can grow even more on mobile
As Technopc solutions are located at Istanbul Airport, the needs will naturally increase with the growth of airlines and airports and capacity increase, as the segment is public and IGA-focused. Ersin İnankul expressed the expectation that "Technopc can carry the works we have done especially on the desktop side to the mobile side". In the light of effective R & D activities and competent products in Technopc´s mobile title, Ersin İnankul, who may be able to place mobile touch devices of different sizes in the progress of Istanbul Airport in the process, explained Technopc´s position in domestic product preferences as follows:

“Technopc was our preferred choice in the critical systems of the airport, such as passports and luggage, because they provided us with appropriate solutions. Moreover, it is a great advantage for us to cooperate with a company established in our country. We are also an IT company and we are preparing to present our applications and knowledge to the world. Collaborations can be brought up in the future and if we have the opportunity to take services to another airport in the world, we will move forward with a company such as Technopc, which we trust in its solutions and products. As IGA Bilişim, Technopc - Netaş partnership was one of the reference points for us. The Istanbul Airport project was completed in a record time of 42 months. The most critical element for us here; and with Technopc, we achieved these three expectations. Technopc´s three solutions took the place in the first place!

IGA IT Airport System Manager Vedat Yildiz, who prioritized Istanbul Airport´s design as ´domestic and national´ solutions in terms of software and hardware, stressed that competent companies capable of responding to the need for instant support are a priority for them. Vedat Yildiz pointed out the importance of the infrastructure and the importance of a Turkish company that supports this power for the sustainability of their giant IT architecture. Elaborated its cooperation with Technopc:

We get support from Technopc with three different products. In the passport applications, we proceeded with Technopc´s Mini PC model and worked with the General Directorate of Security. State Airports Authority (DHMİ), which are also the units of the state. In order to meet the expectation of a fast and effective solution for their needs in units such as customs and security, Technopc replaced All in One PCs this time. At İGA, we proceeded with Technopc´s Desktop solution to meet the needs of the administrative departments. Passport pass systems are also working with the General Directorate of Security and commissioned, we call it “Igate”. We also worked with Technopc in the design of this system. PC-powered devices enable our integration with the General Directorate of Security. In other words, services such as fingerprint reading, face recognition and passport supervisor ensure the communication between Ankara and Istanbul. In this way, the passport of the passenger at the airport is provided with the verification from the General Directorate of Security.

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