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About Us

About Us

Technopc, with its 25 years of experience in the IT sector, offers customer-specific solutions such as Mini PC, Tablet, notebook, desktop computer, Industrial PC, All in One and virtualization solutions produced under its own brand for corporate customers and end users.
•             Corparate channel leader in Turkey
•             Differentiated with wide range of product portfolio from mini PC to Handheld Terminals to Industrial Panel PC
•             1st In Tablet , Desktop and Mobile Computer Category.
•             Value Added Project Experience in Commercial & Government  collaborating with SIs (21 SI Partners, 500+ Solution partners)
•             Ranked 91st among Top 500 Technology Companies
•             Medical Device Solutions Market Leader
•             Local Device Manufactured with the Most Quality & Standard Certificates
•             Industry specific device solutions satisfying diverse market needs



All Technopc ® products use the most advanced and innovatite technologies. Manageable with Intel ® vPro technology; Built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides hardware encryption to enhance data protection through security chip. It offers an impressive and intelligent performance.


Technopc ® demonstrates its environmental sensivity in all its products. All Technopc ® series are manufactured to consume less energy. Enjoy efficient use of technology with low operating costs thanks to Technopc ®, which uses up to 80% less energy and reduces your operating costs.


Technopc ® offers customizable solutions according to user needs. In our era, every sector needs different hardware and software solutions. Technopc ® is aware of this and uses customizable technology in its products in all series according to user requirements.



Our Mission
Our Mission

Our most important mission is to provide realiable, effective, high quality, enviromentally friendly products to the users in economic conditions, to provide pre and after sales service in the most effective way to monitor the results, to ensure continuity and to evaluate the results with its wide product range.

Our Vision
Our Vision

Our goal is to protect our natural resources by high environmental awareness by using the most advanced and innovative technologies in all of our products and to provide value added to our economy with our productions.

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